Air conditioning is now fitted to most modern vehicles and repairs can be very costly. Many of those repairs can be avoided with routine maintenance, because the system is filled with gas which slowly loses pressure. As the gas loses pressure, not only does the air conditioning system become less efficient, but also the oil that is added to the system to lubricate the various components isn’t circulated by the gas as efficiently. As a consequence, the system is not lubricated as it should be. This lack of lubrication inevitably leads to components developing faults which are expensive to repair.

Most manufacturers recommend servicing the air conditioning system every 2 years. This involves checking the system for faults, re-charging the system as required, checking for leaks. We would also recommend an anti-bacterial treatment to deodorise the air vents.


Special Air Conditioning Servicing Offers

We are offering some very special prices on air conditioning services.  These prices are, by far, the lowest prices we have ever offered for these services, and we are confident that they are considerably cheaper than the competition!

By taking advantage of these prices, your vehicles’ air conditioning system will be in perfect working order for the whole of the summer, you’ll be avoiding the usual rush we experience when the really hot weather arrives, and you could be saving costly bills in the future!

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“Pure Air Special” Ultrasonic cleaning and deodorising of the air conditioning system – only £19.99 (Inc. VAT)

Air Con Recharge – only £70.00 (Inc. VAT)

Air Con Recharge & Leak Test only £80.00 (Inc. VAT)

Air Con recharge & “Pure Air Special” – only £85.00 (Inc. VAT)

Air Con Recharge, Leak Test & “Pure Air Special” – only £90.00 (Inc. VAT)

These can all be carried out While You Wait!  To book an appointment, please phone

01622 794499.