Mid Kent Vehicle Services is committed to recycling as much as possible and wasting as little as possible, at all times.

All scrap metals are transported by us, as a registered waste carrier, to a local metal recycling station. Reducing emissions, while saving raw materials for re-use.

Our Car Wash facility is totally enclosed within the workshop. This means that absolutely no waste ends up in the atmosphere or, more importantly, in the storm drainage system. All waste is goes through 4 stages of filtration and the remaining water is then fed back through the foul drainage system. This system has been fully endorsed by Mid Kent Water. Any filtered waste is extracted by 365 Environmental and dealt with in an environmentally friendly way.

All the technicians’ overalls are washed on site, eliminating transport costs and emissions caused by contracting out washing services.

We wash our oily cloths and our valeting cloths on site, so waste is reduced considerably, as well as costs.

We sort our waste at source – each technicians bay has separate bins for paper/cardboard, scrap metal, oily rags and general waste – so maximum recycling is achieved.

Paper and cardboard is recycled at Snodland Paper Mill.

We use email to contact those customers who have the facility, thus minimising the amount of paper used to post MOT and Service reminders and special offers.

Waste Seperation at Mid Kent Vehicle Services