M.O.T – Your Safety, Our Responsibility

  • Customer safety our priority
  • Email/Postal reminders with telephone follow-up booking the next year
  • While you Wait (with appointment) – excellent waiting room with free drinks, TV, and up-to-date magazines!
  • Class 4 (Cars and Vans up to 3000kg)
  • Class 7 (Vans up to 3500kg)
  • Class 5 Lightweight (Minibuses up to 16 Passengers, not used for hire or reward)
  • Motorhomes

M.O.T (Ministry of Transport) tests were introduced in this country in 1960. The test has changed considerably in depth and technical detail since those early days, yet it is still primarily concerned with the safety of road users. Every time we, at Mid Kent Vehicle Services, carry out an M.O.T. the safety of your vehicle.

We understand that customers have a choice of M.O.T. stations. Many offer tests for as little as £25.00, but we believe that, ultimately, the fee should be based on the fundamental criteria of road safety, not on the commercial considerations of the M.O.T. station.

Is it worth doing things “on the cheap”?

No, we believe this has the potential to influence the way in which the work is done. In turn, this can lead to a less than thorough job. Missing even the smallest defect on a vehicle can have a serious effect on road safety.

No, we believe the temptation to make up for the money lost by carrying out a cheap M.O.T. test may be too much for some testers.

No, we believe the customer may find themselves paying for unnecessary work and extra expense – having to pay for an item that might otherwise be “passed and advised”. The term false economy” comes to mind!

  • We don’t charge for retests (within 10 days of the first test), even if the customer takes the vehicle away to be repaired elsewhere.
  • We advise the customers of any defects that we feel may be of concern in the future, without forcing any decisions on the customer.
  • We always estimate for work (and wait for the customers’ authority), before starting.

We don’t operate any kind of M.O.T. bonus scheme for our staff, so there is no incentive or temptation to be “over zealous” when assessing the condition and safety of your vehicle. Even better, next year, we not only remind you by mailing or email of your next Test, but we follow this up with a telephone reminder so you need never forget your M.O.T. test again!

A “saving” of £26 equates to 50p per week – is it really worth taking the chance? £54 – our cost for a standard Class 4 M.O.T. test – is a reasonable charge for our investment in technology and, more importantly, personnel with the depth of knowledge and experience to conduct a thorough and fair test on your “Pride and Joy”.

Please phone 01622 794499 to arrange an appointment for an M.O.T. test that is both fair and safe. £54.00 for 12 Months peace of mind is all we ask!


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