Unlike most of our competitors in the independent sector, we at Mid Kent Vehicle Services have been fitting tyres, mending punctures, balancing wheels and adjusting tracking for over 23 years. This long term experience, and the extensive knowledge of the tyre trade that comes with it, makes us the first and only port of call for hundreds of our tyre customers!

With the increasing complexity of tyre manufacture, the increasing demands that modern vehicles place on tyres, and the enormous number of different types of tyre to choose from, we believe it’s important to purchase from somebody you can trust. All our technicians are trained to a high degree of competence, and all carry many years experience. They are backed up by reception staff that have decades of motor trade experience between them. Which all means that you, our customer can purchase tyres with complete peace of mind.

And you needn’t take our word for it – we are the chosen fitting centre in this area for the largest internet tyre distributor – Black Circles . In order to become a Premier Dealer, we have met, and exceeded, all the stringent criteria they require of their fitting centres. And that also means you, the customer, can choose from tyres 2 different suppliers – just visit the website of Black Circles, phone us for a quote, and then choose the tyre and price which suits you the best!

As an Official GT Radial Performance Centre, we also have the seal of approval from an internationally recognised tyre brand. GT Tyres have manufacturing tyres for over 60 years and are the worlds 9th largest tyre manufacturer.  They are a mid range brand and, in fact, are being fitted from new to some manufacturers brand new vehicles.  For more information on the GT range, visit www.gtradial.co.uk

We fit virtually every make and type of tyre for cars, vans, minibuses and motor homes. Some of the makes we regularly fit include such household names as GT Radial, Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Firestone, Avon, Continental, Falken, Yokohama and BF Goodrich.

Top Six Tyre Tips

How to achieve the best from your tyres

1. Always fit new tyres to the rear of your car. Whether front or rear wheel drive, it is advisable to fit the least worn tyres to the rear to ensure better road holding, especially in difficult conditions. With the least worn tyres fitted to the rear there is less chance of the car losing control on slippery surfaces and in emergency braking situations.

2. Although the legal tread limit in the UK is 1.6mm (across the central ¾ of the width of the tyre), in wet conditions and especially snow the grip of the tyre reduces considerably below 3.5 mm. We would suggest, therefore that consideration should be given to changing tyres before they wear down to the legal limit. An extra millimetre or so of tread could be the difference between getting to your destination or not, or between avoiding a collision or not!

3. Always have your wheels balanced when fitting new tyres – a balanced tyre will wear less quickly and will also help look after your cars suspension and steering systems.

4. If your tyres are worn on the edges, this may caused by incorrect wheel alignment (“tracking”). We would advise having the tracking checked, as incorrect alignment can result in premature tyre wear as well as poor roadholding.

5. Check your tyre pressures regularly – incorrect pressures result in premature wear of the tyre. Roadholding is badly affected by under and over inflated tyres.

6. And remember, your tyres are the only thing between you and the road – their condition is vital for your safety!!

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